Worship Times

The Palm Desert Church of Christ is a group of diverse Christians joined together by a common love for God and each other. We are "Christ's Ambassadors" continuously being transformed by the power of God and His love for all.

  • Sunday Worship Times & Small Groups: 

    • Sunday Morning Bible Class 9:15am to 9:45am (for all ages)
    • Sunday Children's Bible hour (during adult service)  
    • Sunday Worship 10:15am (Please join us for a brief fellowship in between worship and Bible classes where we have donuts and coffee in the kitchen.)
    • Sunday Morning Childrens Bible hour during adult service. Sunday Small Group Home Bible Study October-May

    (5 Locations)- Feel free to contact us for more information. Our Bible study is a series of "9 Shining Principles" to help us live more Christ-like.  

  • Wednesday Family Fun Nights:

    During the summer months we will have "Family Fun Nights" scheduled, in replacement of our Wednesday night bible study. Each Wednesday night a family will host a night of fun, fellowship and sometimes food to help build relationships and to share God's love amongst members and guest.

    • Women's Bible Study Tuesday 10am
    • Men's Prayer Warrior's and Fellowship
    • Wednesday 7am
    • Wednesday Night Praise and Bible Class 6pm-7pm (Early bird); 7pm-8pm (Families)